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D043DG Closeup view of scales on a floor and kids feet

Childhood obesity: without corrective action, there will be serious implications for future generations

Authored by Mitali Dowerah Rajkhowa, Consultant Dietitian at Ayursundra Hospital Childhood obesity is becoming a serious burden all over the world, including India. The rise in the number of

Cases of Japanese encephalitis have been rising again in Assam: vaccinate children against this dreadful disease

Northeast India has been struggling for long with vector-borne diseases, primarily malaria and now also Japanese Encephalitis (JE). Cases of JE have been rising rapidly in recent times, with


Health risks and preparedness during floods

Assam is currently facing the danger of flood damage, which is a situation that will continue to cause concern all through the monsoons. Over 80,000 people in nine districts

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